Allergy testing

If you are like me,  you might not be ill as such, just want to feel better.

Then of course there are those days when you could gladly stay in bed all day long as you feel so awful. 

We might be able to find you an answer....

Many different types of intolerance testing are offered from testing muscle weakness around food to cutting of a piece of your hair. 

With the companies I use, we send tests of tiny bits of finger pricked blood and test to see if it reacts to foods.  This is looking for IgG.  You may have heard of this.  While it isn't a true allergy reaction like the IgE is,  some people believe eliminating certain foods identified as having IgG reactions makes massive improvements to how they are feeling.  Myself included!

Currently,  from this web page, you can purchase an at home kit to test for Milk and Egg allergies.  This is the allergic reaction you see soon after consumption and often can be quite worrying indeed.  It is important you do not consume any of these foods prior to taking the test.  Although if you have eliminated these foods from your diet, there will not be a positive.

I'm very happy to have a chat online or on the phone with you too.  See the options below.  

Food intolerance testing is carried out in the LAB.  The IgG reaction is looked for within your blood for 75, 100 and 150 different foods and drinks.
Prices start at £149.00

Test options

Milk Allergy testing kit £29.99

Egg Allergy Testing kit £29.99

Gluten Allergy Testing kit £29.99

I am always happy to listen to my clients needs with a one to one coaching session.

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